Get Those Trees in Shape

Spruce up your yard with tree pruning services in Battle Creek, MI

Make the neighbors jealous this year with our tree trimming services in Battle Creek, MI. McFadden Tree Service will prune the dead and dying limbs so your trees and bushes look picture-perfect. Looking to improve the safety of your home and property? We also offer house clearance services, which involves pruning and removing branches within a certain amount of feet from your house, sidewalk or roadway.

Whether you want your yard to be the jewel of the street or safer for you and your family, you can depend on us for tree pruning services.

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The benefits of tree and bush trimming

There's a reason our clients love us. With our tree trimming services, we don't just get rid of those dead branches. We also:

  • Encourage the healthy growth of trees and foliage
  • Keep unwanted insects away from your house
  • Improve the overall look of your property
  • Prevent potential storm damage to your home
Experience the benefits yourself. Schedule our tree pruning services by calling 269-830-3492 now.

Signs that you need to get your trees trimmed

There are many signs that you might need to schedule tree pruning or tree trimming services. Some of them are:

  • Dead branches - dead branches can be a safety hazard
  • Diseased branches - by removing diseased limbs, you can prevent the sickness from spreading
  • Overgrown branches - we can remove branches that are hanging over your property line or roof
  • Low-hanging branches - low-hanging limbs can make it hard to walk or mow your lawn

Whether your trees need a quick trim or a total overhaul, you can rely on McFadden Tree Service for efficient tree trimming and tree pruning services. Contact us today to get a free estimate.